CREASYSUBS Live is a complete live subtitling solution including the state-of-the-art speech recognition technology.This innovative solution offers a wide range of applications for live and offline subtitling.

Its main principle of operation is as follows: the direct voice recognition of a live audio input (analog or streamed) is drawn on to either produce subtitles to be sent directly “on-air” or subtitle files to be transmitted at a later stage.

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To solve any issue in connection with an incoming feed’s poor sound quality, a noisy environment, a distinct speech accent, etc.; and, to quickly and efficiently transcribe subtitle/text with punctuation and some text formatting, re-speaking operators (with a headset on) can: repeat what is said in the incoming feed, add punctuation, cancel mistakes and hesitations. Then, another operator checks subtitles and modifies as needed before validating.

Thereafter, subtitles are sent directly from the validation module to the hardware subtitling equipment.
Several re-speakers can work as a team on the same live event in real time, and one or several correctors and/or validators can complete this team. This tool has been designed to enhance collaborative work in real time.

CREASYSUBS LIVE, a customized and extendable subtitling system based on voice recognition, takes away the constraints of classic process. It consists in a direct recognition of a live audio input to be quickly and efficiently transcribed in text with punctuation saved as files to be sent directly “on-air”.

One of CREASYSUBS Live specificities is to be compatible with diverse voice recognition engine enabling end-user to benefits from the best engine available in its native language.

It is not dependent on a proprietary engine but offers customization and flexibility in order to enrich the voice recognition according to needs of each country and its local language.

The solution is already used by major TV channels, production centers and organizations worldwide.


Voice recognition

High quality translation

Several IMPORT/EXPORT formats

Broadcast in Live / Automation

Manage Third-party (as CAVENA, BROADSTREAM...)

Play all types of formats


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